North Shores (Gordon Pond Wildlife Area)

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Where the women (and men) of Rehoboth play
Located about a mile north of the boardwalk, this is the beach where most of the female crowd congregates, but men, including bears, can be found here too.


    • Not just for the ladies...boys go there too!
      This is a state park with a daily entrance fee. Weekends are PACKED especially on all major holiday weekends. South of the jetty you'll find mostly lesbians and straight couples with kids, north of the jetty is "Bear Beach" and also many men who aren't into the beautiful people "A List" scene at Poodle Beach. Very clean, laid back, porta potties and cold running water, a pavilion, ample paved parking, a pack in and pack out beach meaning no dumpsters, take your trash with you. A very nice wide, sandy white beach with dunes, surfers and surf fishing. No vehicles allowed on the beach, but there is an access road for 4 wheeling with a state permit (buy at ranger station in Lewes). This a 5 star rated Mid-Atlantic beach. Gorgeous! Go during the week for a more quiet and less crowded experience. Shoulder season Sept. & Oct. offer great surfing and fishing!

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      The Best Gay Beach in Delaware
      AKA “Whiskey Beach” This is always the perfect place to go for a relaxing day at the beach. It’s away from the boardwalk and usual touristy atmosphere. To get there from Rehoboth Beach, follow Ocean Drive north along the ocean. It leads right into the State Park. There is a reasonable entrance fee (currently $4 to $8 a carload). Or free, if you walk or bicycle in. The gay beach is north of the jetty, so park as far north as possible, walk across the dune line toward the sea, then bearing to the left. Typically, the majority of the lesbians will be settled nearest the jetty. Although, the entire beach area can be mixed --- gay men, lesbians and families (both gay and straight). Generally, the farther north you walk, the fewer families and women you will see. Although, if you reach the towers (left over from WWII), you will likely encounter surf fishermen. There are no lifeguards in this area of the beach (north of the jetty). There is a sparse beach patrol that will casually check to make sure you don’t have any alcohol or glass bottles. A decade or so ago, you would frequently see nude sunbathers along the dunes here. But, no longer. Make sure you bring plenty to drink. There are limited amenities, some porta-johns and an umbrella rental shack with very basic food (of the hot dog and chips variety).