The BeDazzled B&B (Closed Permanently)

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GayCities Members report that The BeDazzled B&B has closed
Three Lesbian-owned B&B Victorian Houses
These three townhouses are located near the main drag. Sea Witch is an elegantly decorated Victorian where breakfast is served. Bewitched has an informal 1960's decor with a sunny porch where dogs are welcomed to accompany guests. BEDazzled is a Hollywood-themed house.


    • AlexfromDC
      AlexfromDC Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Unprofessional owner, Moldy, Cramp
      The place seemed OK... at first. Arrived at Bewitched 9:30 pm, the Friday of Labor day weekend 2010. Received a full size bed in the basement of the BB (assumed I was getting a queen, partially my fault for not clarifying), my boyfriend's 6'3" 215 lbs, the bed will not be big enough for the both of us. I called the person attending the BB for the night and notified her of this and if it's possible to get out of this deal for the rest of the weekend, she said she'd notify the owner in the morning of this. Started to unpack our bags and put the clothes away. The dresser had mold growing everywhere! Guess we couldn't unpack. The robes they provided were too short. The website advertised "Private Full Baths in every room" but our room did not have one, we had to share a bathroom upstairs with another couple who I guess also did not have a private bathroom. The following morning we decided to give the room another chance despite the paper-thin walls, mold, shared bath, and small bed. The breakfast was not good at all, the omelette had no seasoning whatsoever, and the small blueberry muffin only had about 3 bluberries in it. We had the "do not disturb" sign until 11:30 am, and took it down as we left for the beach. Didn't return to the room until 2 am, 15.5 hours later, and the room was not serviced. Immediately we were unhappy. The following morning I asked the person attending the BB why the room was not serviced. She stated that when they checked on the room, the "do not disturb" sign was up and they stopped cleaning at 12:30pm. Told her we took it down at 11:30am and she stated that they do not go back to an area after they are finished cleaning in that area. Right then and there I said I'll be checking out early and wanted a refund for my third night's stay because I was disappointed that they didn't service the room. She said I had to talk to the owner first. Spoke with the owner who was unprofessional and condescending. The owner, Inez, lied to me and said that she personally saw the "do not disturb" sign "all afternoon long" and that her staff checked the area "50 times" that day. I told her that was untrue. She proceeded to remind me how lucky I was to find a vacancy at the last minute for Labor Day weekend for $199 a night/3 nights. I told her for $199/night I deserved a clean room with fresh towels which she failed to provide, all the while remaining calm. She refused to refund my third night's stay. I got a room at the Breakers hotel which was a million times better, received a King bed suite with a full bath for $199 for our last night. Needless to say we were very comfortable in this room. Have also previously stayed at the Bellemoore, Cabana Gardens, and the Sand Castle Motel, all of which were excellent. Bewitched was the worst experience I've ever had and I highly DO NOT reccomend this place to anybody.

    • brad4nyc
      brad4nyc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Over Priced
      Great location and dog friendly are their best features. Way over priced for what you get and crazy Aunt Clara coud twinkle up a better breakfast.